KIWI Gaming

We're a small, 880 member CS community that specializes in excellent server quality. Come check us and our PUG client out sometime!

The most elite of our community engage in a glorious matchmaking PUG system for which they compete to earn monthly prizes and fame. Are you good enough to join their ranks? Download our client to join the action!

Client screenshot
Client screenshot

VERSION v1.4.0 - DOWNLOADS: 5,537 (2,438 this version)
(SHA256: 8c750b4e6d300bb161df920863c0b0eff5c49f22bdfaff6f8c93e5782542c0ee)
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KIWI Gaming Info & Contact

KIWI Gaming started as a single AWP FFA server in August 2015. Since then, it has grown into a monolith with a massive playerbase all over the world.

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For business and / or personal inquiries, email Andrew (drop) at the email below.